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What is it?

...and how do I get one?


Strong Brands Have Styleguides


Instead of paying for one logo design, successful organizations invest in brand styleguides or brand identity guidelines. These help defend the integrity of the brand as a whole. I've started collecting some -- they are available on my downloads page.

Styleguides define each touchpoint. A touchpoint is any point of contact between a buyer and a seller) Think of the styleguide as the brand's bible, a design system that reinforces rules for each asset of the organization.


Elements of a Styleguide: Logo


The logo identity needs to be defended from any manipulation not found in the styleguide. There will be a few different alternatives for the logo, but only those defined are to be used. Each alternative design has been created for different environments (vertical/horizontal lockup, light/dark, micro/macro) so there is no need to stretch, recolor or redefine in any way.

Airbnb has a series of logo alternatives thoughtfully designed for the brand.



Elements of a Styleguide: Personality


A brand story is the first introduction to your audience -- more of an abstract feel than specifically spelled-out. The brand's voice is used in social media posts and any copywriting in marketing collateral.

Airbnb's personality is quite specific. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 17.59.54.png

Elements of a Styleguide: Typography


With no consistent font choices, an organization can look very unorganized. A thoughtful type system allows the brand to look cohesive.

Airbnb uses Circular as their primary typeface. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 17.58.13.png

Elements of a Styleguide: Imagery 


From DesignStudio's case study, iconography was needed for Airbnb's marketing. A style breakdown helps iron out the visual assets. These include illustration and photography.


Elements of a Styleguide: Color Palette

A similarly visual color palette ties everything together.


Get a styleguide for yourself.